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Night Photography with Gabriel Biderman by Billy Murray-1

I’m thrilled to be featured in the latest issue of Resource Magazine.  The Biz section focuses on educators in the industry and I gotta say, it was the coolest interview I’ve ever done.  I met up with writer, Billy Murray, one night this summer – it ended up being a mix of one-on-one workshop and just hanging out and talking about creativity.  Billy’s weapon of choice is the pen, so he was blown away with the type of images you can capture when you let those long exposures rip for more than a fraction of a second.  The above photo was one of Billy’s first successful shots taken that night.

Resource Magazine Fall 2014 Issue Cover

The main spread in the Fall Issue of Resource Magazine focuses on YouTube icon and renowned filmmaker, Casey Niestat.  I’m a big fan of Casey, and was psyched to slurp down some Vietnamese food with him and (founder/president of Resource Mag) Alex during one of the videos they were making for the issue.  I’m inspired by Casey , who continually questions the rules that most of society accepts.  His classic videos – iPod’s Dirty Secret and Bike Lanes were pivotal in changing Apple and NYC’s policies.

 You can order the Fall Issue to be delivered or purchase the interactive online version.

This week is “Photo Week” in NYC, as the largest photographic tradeshow in the States – PhotoPlus Expo – comes to the Javits Center.  PPE is a great place to network and meet and geek out with friends!  The expo hall features all the latest gear from vendors from around the world and hundreds of influencers in the industry offer lectures, portfolio critiques, and lead photowalks.

You can pick up a free Expo Only pass until October 28th by registering here.

B&H kicks off this famous photo week by hosting their annual Maine Media Workshop Party at a special after-hours party!   Come see Gabe wear his famous clown tie and mingle with the who’s who in the photo community!  There will be a photo booth, Canon will have a print station, and you’ll have a chance to win some very cool prizes.  Plus did I mention how cool it is to party at B&H once the store is closed?  In order to get past security – you’ll have to RSVP here.

If you can’t come to the party – make sure you get those free expo passes and come check out the show.  I’ll be at the B&H booth (455) Thursday and Friday – we will be handing out our famous Show Specials and candy!  I’ll also be speaking with Jill Waterman and Matt Hill on Saturday November 1st from 10:15am-12:15pm.  Yes, I know that is an early time for any night photographer to be up but  a cup of coffee and our lecture Night Photography:  Step by Step is a great combo to start your day!  After the lecture, I’ll be signing copies of my book, Night Photography:  From Snapshots to Great Shots on the Expo Floor.  This is the first year that Photo Plus has featured an official Book Signing and they have gathered some amazing artists.  So come by and say hello to me or one of your favorite photographers!

PPE_Book Signing[7][3][13][1]



All the World’s Sunrises and Sunsets

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Were you able to see the total lunar eclipse on April 14th-15th?   I was fortunate enough to be out in Vegas teaching the Dusk to Dawn Workshop, and we were able get some pretty spectacular images as well as witness the whole 3+ hour event.   As I was doing my research in preparation for shooting the moon, I came across this wonderful description as to why the moon appears red during the eclipse.   Imagine yourself witnessing the eclipse from the moon – during the darkest time of the eclipse, when the earth is totally in front of the sun – you would still see a ring of fire – the sun around the earth.  What you’d be witnessing is all of earth’s sunrises and sunsets.  And it is that red and orange light skimming along the edge of the earth’s atmosphere that is reflecting off the moon.  Pretty cool, right?

kaguya_lunareclipse copy

Here is one of the few images that we have of the earth eclipsing the sun – from the moon’s point of view.  Taken on February 10th 2009 by the Japan’s Lunar Explorer “Kaguya (Selene)”.  The “circle of sunlight” is “a ring of a thousand simultaneous sunrises and sunsets

This “Blood Moon” as it was originally dubbed by Christian pastors John Hagee and Mark Blitz, prophesized that this was the beginning of the end of the world.  I think just the opposite.  It seems to have renewed an interest in astronomy and an excitement of planning where you will be during the next Blood Moon.  You see, this is the first of four, or a tetrad, that will occur over the next 1 ½ years.

Shooting the eclipse can be a tricky thing, so here are a few ideas to consider before capture.

Lens selection: When shooting the moon you need a fairly long lens, at least a 300mm or preferably a 500-600mm on a full frame camera, especially if you want to get a nice big moon with lots of detail.

Composited Multi Moons:
This seems to be the rage with eclipses now and it is fairly easy to do with digital.  You need patience and time for this one, as you have to commit one camera to shooting the moon as it changes over 1-3 hours.  You’ll have to pay close attention, as the exposures will vary dramatically as the bright white changes to the darker rust red moon.  Afterwards, you’ll pick the best moons and layer them onto one image.  One of my favorites was done by my good friend Jeff Cable and he goes into great description on how he composited it together here.

Blood Moon

Foreground considerations:
Another cool way to capture the multi-moon eclipse is by  including the foreground.  This requires a little bit more photoshop skills as you will need to shoot the foreground separately and realistically as the base layer and then add the moons later.  My favorite shot of the eclipse with an interesting foreground was by Sean Duggan – check out his blog for more details on his amazing image.

Sean Duggan ~ Lunar Eclipse Over Donner Peak

We were finishing up our light painting shoot at the Neon Boneyard when the eclipse started.  It would have been cool to capture the entire eclipse there but unfortunately they didn’t want to stay open late for us until 1:30am!  We had the option to either head out to Red Rock and get a darker sky with the moon over mountains, but I thought it would be more interesting to play the moon against the newest star of Las Vegas  – the High Roller Ferris Wheel.

This provided a challenging and space age foreground for us to combine with the moon.  My image was shot with the Sony A7r and a Metabones adapter with a Nikon 70-200 and 1.4 teleconverter.  This gave me an equivalent focal length of 300mm and it’s a composite of two images – one exposed for the moon at 4 seconds at f/4 and the other freezing the lunar pod at 1/15 second.

Lunar Landing ~ Sony A7r with Nikon 70-200 2.8 lens

As most of you know, I also love to play with time, and a little later I wondered what it would look like to capture a 15-minute evolution of the moon and revolution of the wheel.

Revolution and Evolution ~ Sony A7r and 55 1.8 lens ~ 15m at f/8 ~ ISO 400

I hope these images have inspired you to get ready for the next few lunar eclipses!  The upcoming dates are October 8th, April 4th, and then September 28th.

Rumor has it I’ll be in Iceland for the last one…

– Carpe Noctem!

Photobooth shots from the Snapshots Opening

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What a party!

I think we redefined how cool a book launch could be!  Tim Cooper – so psyched that you were able to come up and truly co-author the launch of our book!

At long last I have posted the spectacular photobooth pictures that Cliff “it isn’t a party until Cliff Hausner photobooths your party” shot.  Cliff – you are the man!



















I also want to give a big shout out to Sandra Carrion and the Soho Photo Gallery for letting me have the party in their awesome gallery space in…you guessed it – Soho!



Moshe Zusman and the 3 Amigos getting Giffy! 



Nancy and the Scoop-er Stars past and present!

Great to have Devin Osorio and SALT NYC come out and show their support!


 This couple didn’t seem to be having much fun….


That is one handsome Phoblographer



The EAW black and white team in full effect! 


 Some of my favorite COSMOpolitans! 


Michael, Allison, and Jess in one of their more serious moments…


Barry and the Brooklyn Bidermans – Susan and Laura


Ya, it was pretty hardcore!  

Thanks David for the capturing the photo of NanGabe below!

Photo by David Brommer

Nancy, my beautiful wife who was dressed in a pop-tab dress – I couldn’t have thrown this party (or written the book) without you – thanks so much for helping keep the stars aligned and the ship straight!  

And finally – to the 100+ people – my friends, family, students, and strangers who joined in the festivities that night – thank you!  You made me feel like more of a rock star than an author – I really appreciate the love and support!

You can see and download all the Photobooth photos here:

Carpe Noctem!


Book Signing and Gallery Show – B&H Event Space Lecture

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Gabe Tim Invite


If you are in NYC on December 4th and 5th,  we’d love to see you at either one or both of the book launch events that we have scheduled.

The first “party” will be a gallery show/book signing on December 4th at the Soho Photo Gallery.  You’ll be able to bring your book to get signed, as well as purchase one if you haven’t already.  Tim and I will have 15 of our images printed on aluminum for your viewing pleasure.  Dress up, as you will have the opportunity to get your portrait taken by the legendary Cliff Hausner, who will be running a photo booth at the event as well!

On December 5th, Tim and I will be speaking at the B&H Event Space from 6pm-8pm.  We are going to take a closer look at our photographs that were shot in a variety of nocturnal environments.   We will go into the details of how the photos were created, share our techniques, and hopefully inspire you to take better images once the sun goes down!  Register for the seminar here.  If the event is sold out – come anyway; just arrive 15-20 minutes early as you can generally get in on the wait list.

Night Photography:  From Snapshots to Great Shots is now in stock at Amazon and Peachpit Press.  Amazon is offering their Kindle version and Peachpit has an open format Ebook if you’d like a digital version.  The best way you can support me is by purchasing the book via one of the links I have set up here.

I would also like to also encourage those of you who own the book to take the time to write a review on Amazon – I appreciate the feedback and support.

I hope to thank you in person at one of these events!

Carpe Noctem!

The Process of Poring

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The process of poring over your work is full of nostalgia, criticism, angst, and pride.  As an artist, you need to spend time with your work to see what sticks.  Some images that were important to me last year don’t have nearly the same hold now. We constantly create to inspire and inspire to create. Back in January, Tony Rizzuto, from Photographer’s Breakthrough, asked if he could feature me as their February Breakthrough Artist.  I’ve long admired Tony’s imagery and educational work.  He started Photographer’s Breakthrough over a year ago with fellow creative Elizabeth Stone.  It is an amazing online resource to get feedback, listen to critiques, and gain inspiration.

Photographers Breakthrough

I can’t remember the last time I was interviewed, and I was definitely a little bit nervous.  Luckily they sent me their questions via email and I was given a week to reply!  I was asked to submit 40+ images broken into 3 different themes.  The 3 themes I chose all had to deal with Time. Night Visions focuses on my fascination with the night sky. Time Exposed explores the movements and magic of the long exposure – with a heavy focus on my pinhole work. Moving Portraits, a new project, hasn’t been featured on ruinism before.  This is my take on the smaller snippets of time.  I combine these little flip book photos to create mini video vignettes of moments that we might normally pass by.   Soon after all the words and pictures were sent off to Photographer’s Breakthrough; another good friend, Eileen Rafferty, asked if she could feature my work in the winter issue of her magazine, Butterflies and Anvils.  I met Eileen about the same time I met Tony at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography.  Eileen is an inspirational educator that is very fascinated with the process of creativity. Eileen had recently come to speak at the B&H Event Space as well as be featured on B&H’s Photo’s Real Exposures.

B&A Winter

I have been a big fan of Butterflies and Anvils – Eileen’s photographic journal about inspiration and art.  I’m proud to say that I have all 8 issues of this quarterly magazine and was honored to have my work featured in the latest issue. Because I had recently subjected myself to this “poring over” process with Photographer’s Breakthrough, I felt an incredible comfort with my work and where I was going.  Of course that can change on a daily basis, but once Eileen and I got chatting about my images and the process of photography, you couldn’t shut us up!  We talked about various projects, tools, and inspirations for over an hour and a half. Once we had the words, we discussed what photographs would fit best.  I’m very interested to get the magazine and to see how Eileen edited the work.  She did send over the first page of our interview which can be seen below.

Butterflies and Anvils Issue 9 Winter 2013

Issue 9 Winter 2013 of Butterfly and Anvils will also feature more visions, creative writing, seasonal flavors, and general musings on the artistic path from Eileen and her friends.  Issues are printed on demand through HP’s MagCloud and cost $20. HP uses a heavy stock paper and the quality of the journal is very high.  Once you order Butterflies and Anvils, it typically takes 7-10 days to get in the mail. I should have mine next week! So please check out Photographer’s Breakthrough and Butterflies and Anvils and let me know what you think. If you are a Creative, don’t forget take some time to really go through your work.  Make some prints, share them online, hang them on the wall and live with them. Look at what you did 10 years ago, 5 years, last year, and last month. What images still resonate? Keep poring and keep creating.