Workshops and Lectures

Workshops with National Parks at Night are now live!


Want me to come speak at your Camera Club, lead a Night Walk, or offer 1 on 1 workshops?


3 thoughts on “Workshops and Lectures

  1. […] are a few spots left for my Night Photography Workshop in Pittsburgh on January 30th-31st. I’m excited to explore the Three River Bridges and North […]

  2. […] by Joe Reifer) For those of you who prefer an urban setting, Gabriel Biderman is offering a two night workshop in Pittsburgh on January 30-31st. (Photo by Gabriel […]

  3. […] I recently visited Andre and Michelle’s 14 acre farmland where we will be hosting the Full Moon Workshop this October 31st.  They hadn’t done a “Nightwalk” on their new property yet, and saw it with […]

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