Photobooth shots from the Snapshots Opening

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What a party!

I think we redefined how cool a book launch could be!  Tim Cooper – so psyched that you were able to come up and truly co-author the launch of our book!

At long last I have posted the spectacular photobooth pictures that Cliff “it isn’t a party until Cliff Hausner photobooths your party” shot.  Cliff – you are the man!



















I also want to give a big shout out to Sandra Carrion and the Soho Photo Gallery for letting me have the party in their awesome gallery space in…you guessed it – Soho!



Moshe Zusman and the 3 Amigos getting Giffy! 



Nancy and the Scoop-er Stars past and present!

Great to have Devin Osorio and SALT NYC come out and show their support!


 This couple didn’t seem to be having much fun….


That is one handsome Phoblographer



The EAW black and white team in full effect! 


 Some of my favorite COSMOpolitans! 


Michael, Allison, and Jess in one of their more serious moments…


Barry and the Brooklyn Bidermans – Susan and Laura


Ya, it was pretty hardcore!  

Thanks David for the capturing the photo of NanGabe below!

Photo by David Brommer

Nancy, my beautiful wife who was dressed in a pop-tab dress – I couldn’t have thrown this party (or written the book) without you – thanks so much for helping keep the stars aligned and the ship straight!  

And finally – to the 100+ people – my friends, family, students, and strangers who joined in the festivities that night – thank you!  You made me feel like more of a rock star than an author – I really appreciate the love and support!

You can see and download all the Photobooth photos here:

Carpe Noctem!


Book Signing and Gallery Show – B&H Event Space Lecture

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Gabe Tim Invite


If you are in NYC on December 4th and 5th,  we’d love to see you at either one or both of the book launch events that we have scheduled.

The first “party” will be a gallery show/book signing on December 4th at the Soho Photo Gallery.  You’ll be able to bring your book to get signed, as well as purchase one if you haven’t already.  Tim and I will have 15 of our images printed on aluminum for your viewing pleasure.  Dress up, as you will have the opportunity to get your portrait taken by the legendary Cliff Hausner, who will be running a photo booth at the event as well!

On December 5th, Tim and I will be speaking at the B&H Event Space from 6pm-8pm.  We are going to take a closer look at our photographs that were shot in a variety of nocturnal environments.   We will go into the details of how the photos were created, share our techniques, and hopefully inspire you to take better images once the sun goes down!  Register for the seminar here.  If the event is sold out – come anyway; just arrive 15-20 minutes early as you can generally get in on the wait list.

Night Photography:  From Snapshots to Great Shots is now in stock at Amazon and Peachpit Press.  Amazon is offering their Kindle version and Peachpit has an open format Ebook if you’d like a digital version.  The best way you can support me is by purchasing the book via one of the links I have set up here.

I would also like to also encourage those of you who own the book to take the time to write a review on Amazon – I appreciate the feedback and support.

I hope to thank you in person at one of these events!

Carpe Noctem!

A Beacon in the Night

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A Beacon in the Night ~ Nikon D700 Zeiss 21mm 2.8 lens ~ 15s f14 @ISO 200


This year marks the 12th year of the public art project, a Tribute in Lights, honoring those that fell on 9/11.  It is one of the simplest symbols that continues to unite us all.  It isn’t guaranteed to always be there as it costs the city over $500,000 each year to display. 

So take a moment tonight to find the light – whether it is from a rooftop, bridge, or vantage point.  

A few updates – Workshop discount, book, and blog

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Moon City ~ Fujifilm X Pro 1 and 14mm 2.8 lens ~ 1 minute at f/8 ~ ISO 200

The Center for Photography at Woodstock is having a super sale- 20% off – on their September workshops!  The Discount code is wpw13fall, but act fast as it is only good until this Friday, August 23rd!  This would make my Seize the Night Workshop, from September 20-22 under $300!  It will be my first year teaching at CPW, and I’m very excited to help you take your night photographs to the next level!  We will have lots of lecture time and review your work during the day.  At night we have several cool locations in the Catskills that we will capture under the stars.  Hope to see you there!

I’m also very honored to have my Ziatype “Quattro Fontane” featured in Jill Enfield’s Guide to Photographic Alternative Processes. Her book offers an overview of the many processes, recipes, and instructions to create truly timeless images – from Albumen to Ziatype!   Jill chose over 100 other artists to showcase their style, many of them dear friends. I definitely want to give a shout out to Brenton Hamilton!  His Alternative Process class at the Maine Media Workshops was where I created this quadriptych .  A different Ziatype recipe was used for each image to help create a different feel for each image and was printed on a single sheet of watercolor paper.

Quattro Fontane Ziatype_


And finally, I guess all my traveling is paying off! 

B&H just ran a series of articles on Travel Photography, featuring insights from experts in the field, including several National Geographic photographers, and yours truly!  My article focused on how to reinterpret cities in a different light by shooting them when the sun goes down.  The top image, Moon City, is one of my favorite images that I have taken this year and the inspiration for that blog.  

Keep on clicking!


Announcements, Workshops, and Timelapses, oh my!

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Last Tuesday I gave my Night Photography lecture at the B&H Event Space to a sold out crowd.  I’ve been giving a version of this talk for over 5 years, and it blows my mind that I can still pack them in!

David Brommer, founder of the B&H Event Space, gave me an introduction that got me so excited, I felt like I was a football player running out to start the Super Bowl! I engaged the audience right away and played off their energy and curiosity to give one of my best lectures to date!

The evolution of teaching night photography to newbies as well as experienced photographers has been incredible.   I have discovered that I absolutely love teaching and sharing my knowledge.  I get so jazzed when I take an awesome shot, but I also get just as excited when I watch a student capture and create something totally inspiring.

I’ve been a bad blogger this year – I’ve kept my words to myself.  But I’ve been plotting, and I now have some cool announcements and a killer behind the scenes video to show you.

First off – we have been revamping the Ruinism website and a new addition is the Workshop Page.  This is the resource to find out where I’ll be teaching hands-on workshops on how to successfully capture and create wonderful night images.

Earlier this year, I taught a weeklong workshop with the Rocky Mountain School of Photography and Tim Cooper called Dusk to Dawn: Vegas to Zion.   It was our second year teaching this class and I can’t wait to do it again!  The students were awesome and we get to shoot is some fantastic places. At almost every location, I set up a time-lapse capture with the Fujifilm XE1.

Check it out – I hope it inspires you to take a class or at least Carpe Noctem!