Announcements, Workshops, and Timelapses, oh my!

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Last Tuesday I gave my Night Photography lecture at the B&H Event Space to a sold out crowd.  I’ve been giving a version of this talk for over 5 years, and it blows my mind that I can still pack them in!

David Brommer, founder of the B&H Event Space, gave me an introduction that got me so excited, I felt like I was a football player running out to start the Super Bowl! I engaged the audience right away and played off their energy and curiosity to give one of my best lectures to date!

The evolution of teaching night photography to newbies as well as experienced photographers has been incredible.   I have discovered that I absolutely love teaching and sharing my knowledge.  I get so jazzed when I take an awesome shot, but I also get just as excited when I watch a student capture and create something totally inspiring.

I’ve been a bad blogger this year – I’ve kept my words to myself.  But I’ve been plotting, and I now have some cool announcements and a killer behind the scenes video to show you.

First off – we have been revamping the Ruinism website and a new addition is the Workshop Page.  This is the resource to find out where I’ll be teaching hands-on workshops on how to successfully capture and create wonderful night images.

Earlier this year, I taught a weeklong workshop with the Rocky Mountain School of Photography and Tim Cooper called Dusk to Dawn: Vegas to Zion.   It was our second year teaching this class and I can’t wait to do it again!  The students were awesome and we get to shoot is some fantastic places. At almost every location, I set up a time-lapse capture with the Fujifilm XE1.

Check it out – I hope it inspires you to take a class or at least Carpe Noctem!

5 thoughts on “Announcements, Workshops, and Timelapses, oh my!

  1. Don – I’d love to work with the Rivers of Steel/Carrie Furnace and teach some workshops there! Let’s see if we can make it happen in 2014! Where is the exhibit?

  2. That would be great Gabe! Let me know whenever you are in the Pittsburgh area. My son Shane and I just toured Carrie Furnace. That might make a good location. I’m going to a photography show at the Carrie Furnace pump house on Monday night.

  3. Wow, that is very cool!

    1. Thanks Don! Hope to time-lapse with you soon!

  4. Very inspirational pictures, thanks for sharing your work!

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