Highest Photo of the Week Yet

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lady libertyI had an opportunity to take Mr Photoshop, and good friend, Scott Kelby on a chartered helicopter last week. We went up and down Manhattan looping around the Empire State and Chrysler buildings as well as Yankee Stadium (no game) and finally Lady Liberty herself. I have never been in a helicopter before and it was a pretty amazing experience, however, I was concerned that the seat belt was really no better than what you would find in an economy rental car. There were 4 photographers, 3 of them with Nikon 70-200 2.8 lenses, trying to make the most of shooting through dirty distorted windows…as well as not knock each other out with our lenses! It was a pretty funny thing to witness and my favorite shot I took was actually taken on Scott’s camera ~ see his blog

For those of you not familiar with Scott, he is the #1 writer and trainer on Photoshop out there. He started the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP), a 70,000-member base of photoshop users and premier learning center for all things Photoshop. To learn more about them or to join check out their website at: photoshopuser

Next time Scott, we are leaving the door to the helicopter open!

3 thoughts on “Highest Photo of the Week Yet

  1. I enjoy your little words of wisdom but can not read anything in ‘red’…I just pretend they are dirty words.


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  3. Good to see Gabe moving up in the world. I am a little dissapointed however- no pinhole? Perfect use for the Gorrilapod would be on the runner of the ‘copter. You could have had the pilot just hover for 5 mins and wowser!!!! I could just see gabe hanging out of the door opening and closing the shutter while Scott held him by his belt over the east river. (would the contax survive? or fall 3ooo feet and wash up in NJ…)

    Cool shot ‘bro!


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