Coney Men

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coney man (2001) Coney Man (2007)

My first visits to Coney Island were probably when I was around 11 years old. I would go with my dad and visit my relatives who lived in Brighton Beach. Since I moved to Brooklyn in 2001, I’ve been taking the F line to Coney Island every year. The summers are hot and crowded but not as much as the WeeGee heydays of the 1940’s when you couldn’t even see the sand on the beach because there was so many people there.

Nostalgia reigns supreme these days at Coney though Keyspan Park, the beautiful AAA ballpark of the Mets, is driving more people to the southernmost tip of Brooklyn.

Here are two pictures that I took 6 years apart of two Coney Men. The benches have changed and maybe the men have gained a little weight, but the classic planks of the boardwalk remain and lead you along your personal Coney Island of the mind.

2 thoughts on “Coney Men

  1. where are all the old men playing chess?

  2. keep the photo as it could be valuable latest is that this is the last season for coney island. another icon is leaving and only the memories and pics will be left yes this is typical of the Brooklyn life for so many years. I too went to coney island and enjoyed those visits with your relatives and will always cherish Mike and Norma the true People of Brooklyn. so everyone better get over and enjoy a day at the park and eating hotdogs…

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