Photo of the Week (Jun 3-9)

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Drive In, Grafton (colorized)I spent Memorial Day weekend with the Bartlett Family in Grafton, West Virginia and this was the last shot I took as we were departing town. This image was shot with black and white film and the slight colorization was a pleasant mistake in photoshop. It was an amazingly nostalgic weekend as Nancy’s dad, Brooks, took us on a tour of his old haunts. I listened carefully to Brooks’ stories since many of the landmarks and buildings are long gone. Grafton is a town that has fallen under much economical hardship since it’s major industries like the B&O Railroad, Carr China, and the Hazel Atlas Company either declined or closed down altogether. There is the beautiful Tygart Lake and Valley State Park to attract visitors, but Grafton is most well known as the birthplace of Mother’s Day in 1908. There is a good chance you’ll see more shots from Grafton soon since it was really difficult to pick one shot from this series. Many thanks to the Bartlett Family for hosting us and sharing their stories… and their moonshine!

Oh yeah, the Drive-In was playing Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End later that night.

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  1. not quite sure but almost has an out of space look with the drive in in the middle of the field and still working.. yes one might wonder who does go to these haunts. kind of wish I was there to see the next show…

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