A Body for a Body

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So, I’m on a diet.

Last Friday a few of my friends came to me and told me that it was time, I had to lose some weight. I think that takes some guts and respect to say that to a friend, whatever the issue is… so I thank you.

Later that day Nancy and I started our 8 hour drive down to Grafton, West Virginia for a Memorial Day family reunion. We devised a gabeplan for food and exercise and Nancy asked “What if we gave you a goal or prize to work towards?” We all know how difficult it can be to stay committed to these sort of things, especially if you don’t see any immediate results. When Nancy said, “What about a Leica camera?” I knew there was a reason I married her, but had she known that the inevitable hankering for a leica had bit me? Earlier that week I had been on Leica’s a-la-carte-website where you can customize your very own leica and had printed out a couple dreams…

So the bike is tuned up and I’m riding 15 miles round trip to work, up and over the Brooklyn Bridge, a totally top of the world feeling.

Don’t worry I’m still eating, but just not as much and a lot of carrott sticks!

Since I started a week ago, I’ve lost 12lbs so you might be seeing a smaller version of me with a leica camera sooner than you think!

12 thoughts on “A Body for a Body

  1. Sweet deal, the Leica will be worth the effort 😉

  2. Dude, your not giving up burrito’s are you? They are a staple of life. Believe it or not I found some good mexican food out here in Rogers Park (A small Mexican neighborhood)just north of downtown. Since I moved to Chicago I have been working out and biking every other day or so. Don’t worry about the Lbs. But how you feel. Remember muscle weighs more than fat but burrito’s weigh more than either.

  3. Gabe you are & have always been beautiful. The subject/photo matter shows one of the reasons we love you: you’re very human. I’m helping my mother with a (don’t like the word) diet. I drug her to Trader Joes, convinced her to shop more often thus fresher (less preserved=less salt). We found tastier, healthier versions of what she loves. I thought babies were the new black???

  4. Good Luck man. If you need a weekend riding partner maybe the 17 of us can all head out. You, me, and my fifteen different personalities. You can call me Cybil. no, you can’t.

  5. Keep up the good work Gabe! I know that its hard to eat healthy on the road but you can totally do it! Rock on!

  6. Gabe,
    Awesome! keep up the good work. If nancy’s got anything left over after the Leica I could use a canondale system six 🙂 just kidding. I’m really proud of you.

  7. oh gabe!!! i am so proud of you. how about this.. if you start coming to pilates class with me i will throw in some rolls of film to boot.
    miss you much….

  8. heyyyy I’m fat too!!! I’m overweight!!! Last night I gulped down a whole pint of hangen daz swiss almond vanilla!!!! Heyyyy I want a leica too!!! I ride a bike too… I have sat with you Gabe and matched you rib for rib, suasage for suasage and dawg for chillie-cheese smothered dawg… I gotta talk to Barbara about a reward too.

    I’m with ya brother- kick some but and loose some weight. 12 pounds- thats better than developing 12 rolls of tri-x thats been sitting in shoe box for two years.

    Fellow FPS David

  9. On the upside of eating too many carrots, you could become Brooklyn’s own “Orange Man” a la the Mission’s “Red Man”. Loved when he made his ’rounds’ visiting the Latin American Club. Now that would make me extra proud! Yes, Gabe, for 2007, orange IS the new black…

  10. You’re a brave man. All my love and support. Kevin

  11. Go Gabe! remember the old bike riding days to Union Street????? 12 lbs in a week is awesome. keep us posted on your progress. don’t eat too many carrots, your hands will turn orange. seriously.

  12. well what can I say I wanted to say it too and I am proud of you… I too am enjoying carrot sticks but what is my prize??? good health is the best and feeling better and fitting into all of the great clothes.

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