Photowalk, Sleepless, and I’m Published!

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Scott Kelby is hosting a Worldwide Photo Walk to celebrate the release of the Lightroom 2.0, probably the best image editing software out there. These Walks are taking place all over the world on August 23rd and I will be leading one in NYC! The Photo Walks are a social photography event to get you out from in front of your computer and behind your camera with a group of like minded folk. Each walk is limited to 50 people, my walk will take us over the Brooklyn Bridge where amazing views of the city and for now, the NYC waterfalls, surround you. We will then meander around DUMBO and end the adventure at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory where we can share our work and have a scoop or three! The Photo Walks are 2 hours long and if you don’t see one in your city why not sign up and lead one? All the images will be uploaded and judged by Scott Kelby, with the winning image earning the photographer thousands of dollars in cool prizes! Again space is limited; so click here to sign up and find out more info on Brooklyn Bridge walk.

The International Guild of Pinhole Photographers just released Dark Chambers Volume 2, which features 3 of my images in it! These beautiful textured fine art books are each hand stamped and the produced in England. The name Dark Chamber originates from the Latin, Camera Obscura. This latest volume is over 175 pages and features 200+ inspiring pinhole images by 28 artists from all over the world. The book will be limited and produced in a small run. Dark Chamber volume 2 costs approximately $25 plus shipping and can be ordered from the Urban Fox Press website. or by contacting them directly at

Also pictured is our newly decorated living room. The coffee table is an amazing wedding gift from my brotherman/groomsman, Angus. He created, crated, and accompanied this work of art out to us in April and assembled it in our house… now that’s what we call service! It features a hidden compartment which flips and reveals a ready to play cribbage board! Anyone game? Behind the table is Nancy’s chaise lounge that she has been transporting across the country for 10 years. 3 years ago she finally reupholstered the chaise with the luscious blue velvet fabric. Prior to the chaise, that same blue velvet covered Sandy on the Frozen Hudson seen below.

Pictured on the wall above the table and chaise is “Sleepless” by France Scully Osterman. Nancy and I fell in love with this image at the f/295 exhibit in Pittsburgh. It was a gift for Nancy for her Birthday and our 2 year anniversary. Sleepless is a 44×50 waxed salt print and was limited to a production of nine. This image is beautifully printed using the 150+ year collodion process. This gives it a lush and tonal depth that you can’t keep your eyes off.

Our Gallery Living Room in Brooklyn is open to the public by appointment only, and you better brush up on your cribbage game!

Night News

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[audio:corona park.mp3]

I’m happy to announce that three of my images were selected for the online exhibit The Nocturnes 2008, curated by the landscapist, Mark Hobson. If you dabble in night photography or are out there every full moon, chances are that you have heard of the nocturnes website. Spearheaded by Tim Baskerville, the nocturnes is an invaluable resource for all your night photography questions. I have constantly referred to the resources page to find great tips for shooting in the dark and I really enjoy building my book collection around the favorite books/desert island texts, compiled by Andy Frazer.
This image of the New York State Pavilion from the the 1964-65 World’s Fair at Corona Park is a fairly new image of mine that is featured in the Nocturnes 2008 exhibit. You’ll notice that there is an audio clip attached. Press play and you can hear the night sounds that surrounded me while I was exposing for 3-4 minutes between LaGuardia’s airplanes flying back and forth. Night photography is all about capturing the moments of time and given the lengthy amount of time that you are exposing for, I couldn’t help but notice the sounds that surround us at night. Whether it be the crashing of the ocean waves or in this case the chirping of the still taut wires of the Pavilion pinging above the constant hum of the highway. Since February, I have been using a Sony PCM-D50 portable audio recorder to record interesting sounds that accompany the night. Look for more examples here soon…

B&H’s Event Space has invited me back to speak on “The Art of the Long Exposure” on July 23rd. My talk/slide show presentation focuses on pinhole and night photography and the creative vision and unseen beauty that lay between 8 seconds and 8 hours of exposure. The first presentation 2 months ago was sold out plus I have added some new material. To sign up or find out more information click here and then click on July 23rd. Hope to see you there!

Good friend and Uber Night Photographer, Joe Reifer, recently returned from a fantastical night journey through an immense salvage yard of abandoned cars in the Mojave Desert. You can start the journey here, but make sure you also visit his three galleries worth of images. His gentle use of light inside several classic cars and choice of shooting directly into the moon take these surreal images to a whole other level of night photography.

The Holy Grail of Photography, Darkness Darkness, and 20×200

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The father of war photography, Robert Capa, has finally come home. Over 3,500 negatives dating from 1936 –1939 and taken during the Spanish Civil War have been found. Thought lost during the Nazi invasion, the negatives are in surprisingly good condition. They have been transferred to the Capa Estate and are in the hands of the International Center of Photography as they decide how to archive them.
Capa, whose famous mantra was “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough” was never a man to hang on the sidelines. The swashbuckling photographer also created the most important photo agency of our time, Magnum.
Magnum revolutionized the Photography Industry by becoming one of the first photography agencies that let the photographers control the rights to their negatives. A standard we now take for granted.
Thanks to Tim Atherton for posting this news.
You can read the full NY Times article here.

In other news, photos by Joe Reifer and Andy Frazer were accepted into a Contemporary Night Photography exhibit titled Darkness Darkness. It opens on March 18th in Cambridge, Mass. Did I mention it is at Harvard? Congrats guys for making it in!
The show looks phenomenal, a literal Who’s Who in the Night Photography World. For a preview and more info click here.

Finally, looking for good cheap art? Check out the 20×200 online gallery.
Every Tuesday and Wednesday they feature 2 new pieces of work from two artists, one photo and one work on paper. Each image is available in 3 sizes with the smallest size being reprinted the largest batch, an edition of 200, for 20 bucks. 20×200 features a lot of new artists but as usual, good art goes quick, especially for $20.

f295 Symposium kick off!

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Last Sunday, I attended the first sold out show to be held at B&H’s 60+ seat Event’s Space. Over 80 people showed up at 10:30am to learn more about Lensless, Alternative and Adaptive Photographic Processes! In other words, a lot of people showed up to a NON-digital photographic event!

This was a preview of the f295 Symposium that will be taking place in Pittsburgh from May 28th – June 1st 2008. If you have any interest in Pinhole or Toy cameras or thought it would be cool to learn any of the alternative photographic processes from albumen to ziatype, well this event is not to be missed!

I attended last year’s symposium, and it was an amazing 4 days of exhibitions, lectures and round-table discussions, workshops, and networking focused on the in-depth exploration of alternative photographic processes. I met a lot of talented artists, was inspired by the speakers, and attended a wonderful workshop where I made my own Daguerreotype!

This year, right off the bat, the Holga Tintype Workshop has my alternative creative juices flowing! It was really great to see so many people show up on Sunday and for those of you who constantly ask when film will die? My answer is N E V E R!

The speakers this Sunday included Laura Blacklow, Martha Casanave, Jill Enfield, Jessica Ferguson, Scott McMahon, Erin Malone, Tom Persinger, Kelly Anderson-Staley, and Jerry Spagnoli. Photos of the event can be found here.

The featured speakers in Pittsburgh will be:
Martha Casanave, Jill Enfield, Jessica Ferguson, Robert Hirsch, Jerry Spagnoli, Keith Taylor, and Ilan Wolff.
There are 40 more slots available for the early bird registration discount of $120 for the Symposium.

The Workshops Registration will start around 2/16 and will be available only to attendees of the symposium.
The featured Workshops are:

I hope to see you there!

A New Ruinism for 2008

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Welcome to the latest version of Ruinism!
Sorry for the delay ~ Ruinism is now compliant with HD/BluRay/and all the latest new fandangled technology out there!
After a year of blogging I met with “my people” who met with “their people” and we decided to add a new look to the Ruinism website! The general consensus from viewers like you was bigger pictures and an easier to read background. So a wider format was created, all the sidebar links now run along the top and a switch from a black background to white for ease of reading. You can still click on all the small blog pictures to view a bigger picture!

Check out the Portfolio section, it has been totally edited and updated. It now uses a cool feature which makes viewing images in slideshow or individual format much simpler. The Portfolios are now divided into four groups: Exposures, Pinhole, Nocturnal, and Ruinism. We have also added a Shop section where you can finally purchase some of these limited edition fine art photographs online.

I’ve had a great year sharing my adventures and photos with you all in 2007. Thanks to everyone who has viewed, commented, and given feedback on the site. I’m constantly inspired by the world around us and plan to continue to share this vision with you.

This site couldn’t have happened without tech maestro Sean Thompson who has spent hours, weeks, months, and years it seems, into making sure the website is working and looking good. And of course, my wife and muse Nancy who teams up with my sister-in-law and muse, Sandy, to make sure only my finest work makes it to these pages!

We’ve got a lot planned for 2008, so sit back and enjoy the ride!

The Haugh Drive Garden photo above was taken at night during the last full moon of 2007.