A New Ruinism for 2008

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Welcome to the latest version of Ruinism!
Sorry for the delay ~ Ruinism is now compliant with HD/BluRay/and all the latest new fandangled technology out there!
After a year of blogging I met with “my people” who met with “their people” and we decided to add a new look to the Ruinism website! The general consensus from viewers like you was bigger pictures and an easier to read background. So a wider format was created, all the sidebar links now run along the top and a switch from a black background to white for ease of reading. You can still click on all the small blog pictures to view a bigger picture!

Check out the Portfolio section, it has been totally edited and updated. It now uses a cool feature which makes viewing images in slideshow or individual format much simpler. The Portfolios are now divided into four groups: Exposures, Pinhole, Nocturnal, and Ruinism. We have also added a Shop section where you can finally purchase some of these limited edition fine art photographs online.

I’ve had a great year sharing my adventures and photos with you all in 2007. Thanks to everyone who has viewed, commented, and given feedback on the site. I’m constantly inspired by the world around us and plan to continue to share this vision with you.

This site couldn’t have happened without tech maestro Sean Thompson who has spent hours, weeks, months, and years it seems, into making sure the website is working and looking good. And of course, my wife and muse Nancy who teams up with my sister-in-law and muse, Sandy, to make sure only my finest work makes it to these pages!

We’ve got a lot planned for 2008, so sit back and enjoy the ride!

The Haugh Drive Garden photo above was taken at night during the last full moon of 2007.


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  1. Well done. Pages move smooth and easy, the images are outstanding.

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