f295 Symposium kick off!

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Last Sunday, I attended the first sold out show to be held at B&H’s 60+ seat Event’s Space. Over 80 people showed up at 10:30am to learn more about Lensless, Alternative and Adaptive Photographic Processes! In other words, a lot of people showed up to a NON-digital photographic event!

This was a preview of the f295 Symposium that will be taking place in Pittsburgh from May 28th – June 1st 2008. If you have any interest in Pinhole or Toy cameras or thought it would be cool to learn any of the alternative photographic processes from albumen to ziatype, well this event is not to be missed!

I attended last year’s symposium, and it was an amazing 4 days of exhibitions, lectures and round-table discussions, workshops, and networking focused on the in-depth exploration of alternative photographic processes. I met a lot of talented artists, was inspired by the speakers, and attended a wonderful workshop where I made my own Daguerreotype!

This year, right off the bat, the Holga Tintype Workshop has my alternative creative juices flowing! It was really great to see so many people show up on Sunday and for those of you who constantly ask when film will die? My answer is N E V E R!

The speakers this Sunday included Laura Blacklow, Martha Casanave, Jill Enfield, Jessica Ferguson, Scott McMahon, Erin Malone, Tom Persinger, Kelly Anderson-Staley, and Jerry Spagnoli. Photos of the event can be found here.

The featured speakers in Pittsburgh will be:
Martha Casanave, Jill Enfield, Jessica Ferguson, Robert Hirsch, Jerry Spagnoli, Keith Taylor, and Ilan Wolff.
There are 40 more slots available for the early bird registration discount of $120 for the Symposium.

The Workshops Registration will start around 2/16 and will be available only to attendees of the symposium.
The featured Workshops are:

I hope to see you there!

4 thoughts on “f295 Symposium kick off!

  1. Damn! Why didn’t you give me a shout? Oh, I was moving out of the old place and wouldn’t have made it anyway 🙁 Sounds awesome.

  2. Hi Gabe – congrats on the 2008 Ruinism! Glad “your people” and “their people” could get together to update, especially the HD/BluRay et al. Also proud of your part in the f295 Symposium kick-off. Also pleased to report my albumen level was normal in my last lab test – didn’t get a report on my ziatype.

  3. That’s a pretty cool aperture! Many thanks to David and Jennifer Diamond as they were the B&Hers behind the f295 kickoff event! They run the day to day operations at the B&H Events Space and bring all these cool (sometimes digital) events free to the public!
    A couple people have asked about the pinhole sun photo…After seeing Jerry Spagnoli’s work at the seminar it reminded me that I had several direct sun pinhole shots. I can’t believe we were ever told not to shoot directly into the sun! Though the safest way might be with a pinhole camera…

  4. Best event yet to come to B&H!!! Jerry Spagnoli suggested that our world was being viewed as pinhole and the sun the aperture. We are all just subjects in some titans long exposures pinhole. How cool is that?

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