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I’m happy to announce that three of my images were selected for the online exhibit The Nocturnes 2008, curated by the landscapist, Mark Hobson. If you dabble in night photography or are out there every full moon, chances are that you have heard of the nocturnes website. Spearheaded by Tim Baskerville, the nocturnes is an invaluable resource for all your night photography questions. I have constantly referred to the resources page to find great tips for shooting in the dark and I really enjoy building my book collection around the favorite books/desert island texts, compiled by Andy Frazer.
This image of the New York State Pavilion from the the 1964-65 World’s Fair at Corona Park is a fairly new image of mine that is featured in the Nocturnes 2008 exhibit. You’ll notice that there is an audio clip attached. Press play and you can hear the night sounds that surrounded me while I was exposing for 3-4 minutes between LaGuardia’s airplanes flying back and forth. Night photography is all about capturing the moments of time and given the lengthy amount of time that you are exposing for, I couldn’t help but notice the sounds that surround us at night. Whether it be the crashing of the ocean waves or in this case the chirping of the still taut wires of the Pavilion pinging above the constant hum of the highway. Since February, I have been using a Sony PCM-D50 portable audio recorder to record interesting sounds that accompany the night. Look for more examples here soon…

B&H’s Event Space has invited me back to speak on “The Art of the Long Exposure” on July 23rd. My talk/slide show presentation focuses on pinhole and night photography and the creative vision and unseen beauty that lay between 8 seconds and 8 hours of exposure. The first presentation 2 months ago was sold out plus I have added some new material. To sign up or find out more information click here and then click on July 23rd. Hope to see you there!

Good friend and Uber Night Photographer, Joe Reifer, recently returned from a fantastical night journey through an immense salvage yard of abandoned cars in the Mojave Desert. You can start the journey here, but make sure you also visit his three galleries worth of images. His gentle use of light inside several classic cars and choice of shooting directly into the moon take these surreal images to a whole other level of night photography.

6 thoughts on “Night News

  1. Great to see and hear what you were talking about! Again another stunning picture, I never expect anything less…

  2. The World’s Fair image is a stunner, and I think you’re on to something with the sound recording idea.

    I was also very pleasantly surprised when I revisited the Landscapist entry on the latest Nocturnes show — some very thoughtful commentary, and interesting to see how much variance there was in everyone’s favorites. Did you shoot that Sutro image the night you and B. busted out the dim sum?

    Thanks for the linkage, and rock out at your presentation!

  3. Congratulations Gabe!! Your work is as always moving and inspiring! You make me want to go out there in the dark and dare the wildcats!

  4. Congratulations on your various accomplishments! We always enjoy the information as well as the photos – and now we can even hear what’s going on. Thanks for sharing. The Pennsylvania B and H.

  5. congrats for getting selected for The Nocturnes 2008!

  6. Holy cow, Gabe. Your image above is STUNNING. I want to cry. In fact, I am crying, it is so beautiful.

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