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Today marks the 2nd anniversary of marriage to my lovely Nancy. I’ve only known her 1/4 of her life but can’t wait to reach the halfway mark! We were married under an arbor and when I came upon this one right outside the Woodstock area I knew I had to capture it. I used a combination of a zone plate and pinhole to take this image. My Zero Image 4×5 camera comes with a turret of 3 zone plates and 3 pinholes I can choose from for exposing. By combining the two “lenses” I was able to get the “glow” from the zone plate while retaining the sharpness of the framework with the pinhole. How much did I pre-visualize? Well a pinhole camera has no viewfinder but I’m used to “seeing” with this camera. I shot low to the ground and towards the sun and knew there would be flare, but the red and green light pouring forth is the most beautiful light I could have asked for.
Happy anniversary Nancy!

June 24th is also Nancy’s 1st anniversary of turning 40. Yes, she did put all her eggs in one basket but she’s a summer solstice baby and we both have strong feelings about midsummer eve. We celebrated the longest day of the year not at a baseball park, but in Upstate New York close to where we were married. During the summer solstice the sun appears to stand still facing the Northern Hemisphere. It’s a powerful day for telling the future as well as discovering true love, which we both are lucky to have. So the second picture featured is a reflection of Nancy taking the plunge! I know they say 40 is the new 30 but in Nancy’s case I’d have to say it’s the new 25! Happy Birthday my muse! You continue to inspire and understand me like no other. Let the summer good times begin!

9 thoughts on “Anniversaries

  1. Brilliant stuff. When are you around? We are overdue for a nightshoot!

  2. You guys are the best ever! Happy Everything to one of the Best couples on the planet. So much love to you both -Christy

  3. Dont forget its a good day to eat slow roasted meat!

  4. G – congrats to you and the misses. Strange and beautiful thing this life. Sharing it with the right person makes it even better. – JR

  5. Happy Anniversary and Very Happy Birthday. The pictures are as lovely as the two of you are. What a Dynamic Duo! We hope to share many more happy occasions with you in person and if that doesn’t fly, in spirit.

  6. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and the reflections that go with them. Since we were there for both of those special occasions – Nancy’s birth and Nancy and Gabe’s wedding – we know all the love that surrounded both times. How very wonderful to see and continue to share in your love, Gabe and Nancy!!
    Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday. Love, Daddy and Mommie/”Dad and Mother B”

  7. I too am glad you found your soul mate with nancy, gabe. may your love continue to grow as the beauty of your photo’s continue to take on new depth. I look forward to the continued beauty that you capture daily and at this point I am not sure of my language as the surgery for my hip is still in me and my words may be still slurred. love mom

  8. That is awesome and inspiring!

  9. Amazing pictures! I had no idea it was your anniversary as well!?! Happy happy happy anniversary and birthday! Thanks for letting us share the good times with such wonderful friends…xoxo A, A, & M

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