Jamie loves Christy

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jamie christy kiss
jamie loves christy

To Jamie and Christy ~

A Toast, or as I like to call it,
a Blessing.

A blessing
on Christy and Jamie,
a blessing
on their love,
a blessing
on those of us gathered here,
a blessing
on those who are not.

It is Love we are celebrating
take a look around –
Christy and Jamie
have created this world called
with love, laughter, and a lot of hard work.

On 7 – 7 – 7,
the luckiest day of the century,
we are all truly blessed to celebrate you and your love!

Everyone please raise your glass as Jamie and Christy kiss 7 times!

2 thoughts on “Jamie loves Christy

  1. Jamie, I would kiss YOU 777 times, if only I could…


  2. To the happy couple, their wedding party, family, and friends . . . may the love and loveliness of this day (captured so well by Gabe) be with you always.

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