Canadian Photo of the Week (July 22-28)

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vancouver sunsetI’ve spent the last week in Canada touring Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto for B&H. I usually try to travel with the top of the line equipment but I had heard some good reviews on the latest Nikon 70-300 f4.5-5.6 VR lens that comes in at a modest price of $479. The VR or Vibration Reduction on this lens works really well and I was safely shooting at 1/60 second with the lens zoomed all the way out. This shot is also a perfect example of looking at all of your surroundings. I was with a couple of coworkers at the top of Cypress Mountain, which overlooks Vancouver. The sun started setting around 8:30pm, this shot was taken when I stopped shooting the city of Vancouver, and looked behind me at the mountain range. The beautiful pinks and purples were making their last gasp by 9:20pm and I zoomed in to make more of a selective landscape shot. It was a fantastic sunset which seemed to last forever and reminded me again why I love the west.

2 thoughts on “Canadian Photo of the Week (July 22-28)

  1. awesome line and colors would make a great painting too. wish is was there to enjoy love Canada.

  2. ooooo, very pretty

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