Blue Whale Birthday

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blue whale94-feet-long and weighing in at 21,000 pounds, the blue whale model on display at the Museum of Natural History’s Milstein Hall of Ocean Life gives you the rare chance to actually stand under a life-size whale. Sculpted of fiberglass and polyurethane, it is the largest model of the largest creature that has ever lived on Earth. First constructed in 1969, and recently renovated in 2003 the whale is suspended in the hall at a single point to the roof trusses of the building!

Look Mom, no wires!

A lot of us are fascinated with the sea, it covers 2/3 of earth, yet we have explored about 5% of it. I know I’m fascinated with the ocean and I can barely swim!

A recent journey back to the Museum rejuvenated my fascination of dioramas and Big Blue here. As a child I always loved visiting the Museum of Natural History in New York with my parents and often dreamt of blue whales floating above me like a mobile. A good friend of mine, Angelia, often told me that one of her favorite things to do at the Museum was to sit under the blue whale, her spiritual animal, and just be at peace. The sounds of the ocean are all around you and the heavy blue lighting also make you feel, well, a little below sea level.

Now today just happens to be Angelia’s Birthday…I hope you have a whale of a day!

What’s your spiritual animal?

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  1. on my first visit to see Gabe in New York after he moved from San Francisco, I went to this museum for the first time, and this great whale left an ever lasting memory for me. In not so many words; I love this whale. I sat under the whale for about 2 hours just transfixed. Great picture Gabe!!

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