Night Photography Workshop – January 30-31, 2010

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Full Moon in Pittsburgh
Night Photography Workshop

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Date: January 30-31st 2010 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 1pm to 1am
Instructor: Gabriel Biderman
Where: f295 Studio, Pittsburgh PA
Cost: $250

Join Night Photographer Gabriel Biderman as we photograph historic and rural Pittsburgh under the full moon. The Steel City has long been heralded as the industrial capital of the US and has continued to reinvent itself over the years.

In this exciting two-night workshop, we’ll adventure into various parts of the city including Mount Washington, the ‘Strip’ District, and the Pittsburgh River Walk which offers unrivaled views of the city’s many bridges. It’s a little known fact that with over 450 bridges, Pittsburgh has the most of any city in the world – including Venice, Italy! To fully explore the extremes of night photography, we’ll utilize longer exposure and search for star trails in the wilderness on Sunday night.

We will reinvent how we capture the “essence of Pittsburgh” at night; looking beyond the fleeting moments of time and explore the images that can be created when you expose for seconds, minutes, and even hours with your camera. The class will give you detailed information on how to meter and process your long exposures using either film or digital capture. Light painting, star trails, and creating ghosts will also be highlighted in this two-night workshop.


Saturday 1/30

  • 1pm-3:30pm: Lecture & discussion on night photography including tips and techniques to make better pictures
  • 3:30-4:30pm: Break for dinner
  • 5pm-1am: Urban night shoot in various parts of the city including the River Walk, the ’strip’ district’, and Mt. Washington

Sunday 1/31

  • 2pm-4pm: Review & discussion of previous night’s work
  • 4-5pm: Break for dinner
  • 5pm-1am: Rural Full Moon Night Shoot.

Technical Requirements:
Film and/or Digital SLR Camera, Tripod & Cable Release. You must be familiar with your camera, especially in Manual Mode. A full list of suggested gear will be sent to you upon payment.

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