Once in a blue moon…

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We close out this first decade of the new millenium with a fitting adieu, a Blue Moon on New Year’s Eve. According to popular definition, a blue moon is the second full moon in a month. It happens every 2 1/2 years. But even rarer is a Blue New Years Eve, which happens approximately every 19 years. Enjoy this one, because the next one won’t happen until 2028!

I’ll be celebrating in New Orleans, where the above image was taken on a recent trip.

Looking back on 2009, I realized it was a very prolific year for me. My Fine Art of the Long Exposure lecture became a staple presentation at the B&H Event Space. 60+ people would attend these bimonthly talks on how to create long exposures during the day and night.
I’ll actually be kicking off 2010 with this program at the Brooklyn Camera Club on January 8th and the B&H Event Space on the 12th.

I was also very proud to have my first NYC solo show, Time Exposed, tour John Allan’s Tribeca and Saks’ clubs. I just updated and added 10 more images to the show and moved it to their flagship club in Midtown Manhattan. I’m working on the details of an opening in February so stay tuned!

There are a few spots left for my Night Photography Workshop in Pittsburgh on January 30th-31st. I’m excited to explore the Three River Bridges and North Park area with the students. We’ll look at how to overcome the challenges of night cityscapes, shooting in contrasty scenarios and mixed lighting situations. The second night will be an exploration in longer exposures and star trails as we shoot in Pittsburgh old North Park which combines some great architectural park buildings with the diversity of the park itself.

Finally this was the year Gabriel turned digital. I thought I was going to be the last one standing, but I purchased the Nikon d700 back in July and haven’t shot a roll of film since. Not to say I won’t, I just wanted to fully immerse myself in the digital capture world. I don’t want to turn this into a film vs digital debate, it should always be about the image. I still see the use of Medium and Large Format film cameras to create images unique images. The slowing down and not seeing instant results can be a liberating experience instead of the rapid capture of digital.

So tonight, have fun cavorting under the blue moon, and I wish you a very successful and creative 2010!

2 thoughts on “Once in a blue moon…

  1. i love this photo. very nice.

  2. I was out at 2:30 last night and shot some photos of N.H pre new blue moon, very cold. I stepped into the new snow to shoot some blue moon shots. I’m inspired and will have to continue through the new year. Hope you can catch some in the crowded streets of New Orleans! Too bad about the lack of film use, I was reminiscing about developing in the darkroom your grandfather as a wee child and how awesome it was to watch the photo appear. Do not let it all go..your images are beautiful, and I’m so glad that you are my son and have such a great vision of the world around us. Keep on with the love and images.
    Happy New Year to all!
    love mom

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