Photo of the Week (April 22-28) & chance to win a Gabriel Pinhole Shot!

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Calvary Civil War 13x19You heard correctly, Gabe is giving away an original pinhole photograph of YOUR choice!

All you have to do is email me what your favorite pinhole picture is on my website. You will find the images in either my portfolio section (pinhole album) or in the categories section under pinhole. The deadline is Sunday April 29th, at which point I will put your names into my top hat and pick a winner! That winner will receive the pinhole photo of their choice, FREE!


This shot on the left was taken on a spontaneous gathering of some of my photographer friends at the Calvary Cemetery in Queens. I like the cemeteries in NY, they are old, have great sculptures and the Calvary also offers spectacular views of Manhattan that are just surreal to see from a cemetery. This particular memorial is to the Roman Catholic Union Soldiers who died in the Civil War.

So email me your Pinhole picks, get ready for World Wide Pinhole Day next Sunday and Good Luck!

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Week (April 22-28) & chance to win a Gabriel Pinhole Shot!

  1. Nicely done, but where’s the pinhole coverage of the Mani/Pedis?

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