Fast Photo of the Week (Jul 29-Aug 4)

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silo treesSo for the 2nd straight week the photo of the week was taken north of the border! We were driving along the highway from Montreal to Ottawa and the landscape was, well, pretty dull. It was green enough with an occasional farm, but more importantly, it was a rare occasion that I was not driving. I enjoy doing drive by shootings, with cameras that is. You never really know what you are going to get and I consider this photo a beautiful mistake going 100km per hour. The lighting just changed and I was zooming the Nikon 70-300 lens all the way out and just trying to get some silo shots. Well this is what happens when you continue to shoot through a sparse tree line while tracking the silos. The trees have turned into puffs of abstractness and the photo is more painterly. And yes, the window was rolled down. Enjoy it with a cup of coffee and start your week thinking just a little differently.

3 thoughts on “Fast Photo of the Week (Jul 29-Aug 4)

  1. that’s the door into never-never land!

  2. that’s kinda neat. Certainly an interesting stylistic effect. I sense a series…

  3. Is that a porta-potty?

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