Electric Photo of the Week (Aug 5-11)

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maine lighting stormNancy and I took a mini-vacation to Maine, where we met my Mom and stepfather, and explored Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park. Flying into Portland we hopped in our car and drove 3 hours in a torrential downpour. Things finally cleared up on our arrival into Bar Harbor, however, the above lightening show was still on view from our hotel balcony. How do you shoot a lightening storm? I really had never tried before and this one was a beauty that really lit up the sky and bay. My first guess was to expose it for as long as I could with the Ricoh GRD point and shoot digital camera and see the results. This gem of a camera can expose for a maximum of 3 minutes. I wanted to get some depth of field so I set the aperture for f/5.6 and attached the camera on my ever-present gorrillapod tripod and let ‘er rip! It looked pretty good, so I then switched the camera to RAW mode (one of the few P&S cameras that let’s you shoot in RAW) and bumped up the aperture to f/6.3. And Viola! The first truly electric photo of the week!

5 thoughts on “Electric Photo of the Week (Aug 5-11)

  1. Shooting in the RAW…maybe that helped…it’s beautiful!


  2. nice stuff. Another great way is supposed to be using a ‘lightning trigger’ this lets you catch this sort of stuff even during the day!


  3. You need to teach me some stuff. Great work.

  4. you did capture the awesome beauty of the sky. It will remain in our minds for a long time and now you captured in on film too. It was a great visit!

  5. I can smell the ozone. Well done.

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