San Donatello Ruins part 2

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San Donatello Ruins #2
Here’s the 2nd version of the San Donatello Ruins, which is a 40 minute exposure as opposed to the 8 minutes on the previous shot. Notice how much longer the star trails are. I did a very light paint with a Surefire Executive Defender Flashlight on this one to see how the silhouette would translate. Which do you like better?

3 thoughts on “San Donatello Ruins part 2

  1. I love the use of the E2D – but like the previous image better.

  2. That’s a tough call – I like the longer star trails since they remind me of my insignificance in the universe but I like the lighting on the first one but then again I have an surefire executive defender flashlight of my own. They’re both great – I guess my favorite would be a combination of the two – the first one with longer star trails. Excuse me I need to watch some baseball

  3. maybe the previous one gabe ….. you can see the whle ruin…. but not sure…both are so intense….

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