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San Donatello RuinsSorry for the delay folks, but I wanted the 1st blog after the Tuscany trip to obviously be about Tuscano! But in order to do that I needed to develop all my film: 23+ rolls of 120, 25 sheets of 4×5 pinhole, and 6 rolls of 35mm! I’m also in the process of revamping my digital darkroom. I added a new scanner, the Epson V750, which did a dandy of a job scanning this shot of the San Donatello church. San Donatello is one of those hard to find secret places that is in the small town of Ossaia and was built in 1060. Lucky for us, David had found this place on a previous trip. The image was taken on our last night in Tuscany, David and I had to drive up a very narrow, dirt and stone road in the complete darkness of the night. I think it was well worth it and can’t wait to see David’s 8×10 version. The moon was rising behind the church and I had to act quickly using my flashlight to light up the front of the church in order to get this effect. I’ll soon be making a digital print of this on the also newly acquired HP B9180 printer and see how it fares against the silver fiber print.

Tuscan BBQThe trip was amazing! David, Barbara, and Elvira (momina) were beyond amazing hosts! We were all great friends before, but now we will always have Tuscany! The food? So fresh, so simple, sooo good, and so much pork! I think it is an understatement to say that we took some pictures… Elvira named Nancy, Gabe, and David: Click, Clack, and Cluck respectively! We traveled to San Gimignano, Montepulciano, Orvieto, the Monster Gardens, and of course all around the Cortona area of Tuscany.

So be prepared to live vicariously through the website over the next week or so!

Ciao for now!

11 thoughts on “Allora Tuscany

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  2. Hi Gabe,

    Wow!!! This is gorgeous…its also great to see you, David and your beautiful siginificant others in the BBQ shot..makes me think of Austin…great memories. I love the fact Gabe that you keep doing all this amazing stuff with film…its inspiring!!! Can’t wait to see more from the trip…Craig

  3. Great 2 images! How fun is their place! Momina is a treasure indeed. Love that 8min shot and you left out a very important fact – the type of flashlight !! Surefire baby!

  4. yet another cumbersome item to throw in my purse – a flash light. stunning shot.

  5. So many memories!!!! Basta Luna!!! Senor Scowl! one thing, that church was built in 1060! Gabe, you were off by 500 years!

    Can anyone say- Tuscan workshops!


  6. First i miss the BBQ in Austin, then the one in Italy!
    Can I get some of that Tuscan BBQ to go?

  7. was elvira food better then simona ????????
    love so much will write and email soon my dear friend. i’m so sad not to have been wth you this time… b ut i feel there will be many more occasion that tuscany will see you and nancy . No?

  8. Gorgeous. Can’t wait to see more!

  9. Glad to see you back posting, Gabe! Tuscany is a beautiful place, I can’t wait to see what you took there!

  10. Beautiful image, Gabe!

  11. Hey Gabe!
    Beautiful image! Keep it coming!


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