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Coney Island has opened its doors for another year! Astroland and Deno’s Wonder Wheel Parks are officially open on Weekends until June 8th and then everyday starting June 15th – September 3rd. I kicked off my vacation last week with a little night shoot with some friends down at Coney Island, where there seemed to be more dogs then humans at around 11pm on a Thursday night…
In other news:
I’ll be celebrating World Wide Pinhole Day at Coney Island this Sunday the 27th! If anyone wants to join in some pinhole fun come meet us at 2pm at Nathan’s Hot Dog Stand. We will be the ones with the boxes and tripods.
Seizing the Moments of Time: The Art of Long Exposures is a class I will be teaching at the
B&H Events Space on Wednesday May 14th. The talk will focus on the vision and creativity of Pinhole and Night photography.
Hope to see you somewhere along the road…

8 thoughts on “Freak Photo of the Week

  1. would it be sacrilegious if i came with a digital camera and a lens baby?

  2. we are so there this weekend!!!

  3. How many hot dogs can be eaten during the time it takes to make a pinhole photo?

  4. Did you also know Sunday is SHREDFEST NYC – what a combo! Ok not. But get your old documents out to the schredder.

  5. yes don’t forget the dogs have one on me Ill be at supper dupper weinnie or however you spell it. see you in a few.

  6. Ah, Gabe, so happy that I’m your photo of the week. It’s an honour. Coney Island rules! What, no pics of humping dogs? Muchas lovage.

  7. Watch out for roaming packs of dogs. Great shot, Gabe. I’ll be seeing ya on Sunday.

  8. all that time i spent mourning…

    i can’t wait for your event at B&H! yay long exposures!

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