Even though I’m black and white, I dream in color

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I dream in color

The 8 minute view from Joyce Tenneson’s porch at night.
I’m up at the Maine Media Workshops taking an amazing Black and White Digital Printing Class with George Schaub. Somehow they let me take out the Marshall’s Inks on this image! I highly recommend taking the trek to Maine and immersing yourself in one of their workshops, it really is a special place.

3 thoughts on “Even though I’m black and white, I dream in color

  1. Gosh, we were SO CLOSE…. too bad the rendezvous didn’t happen. I even see the dock ramp in the background that leads to the Bermuda Schooner.

    Great photo, best position to take photos at night!

  2. I like this capture. Sounds like you had a great time. I miss Maine. Love the title.

  3. wish I was there with you… soak it in for me love mom

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