2011 Bannerman Castle Night Photography Workshop

Bannerman Castle 03 ~ Mamiya 7 with 43mm lens ~ 1 1/2 hours at f/11 ~ Fuji Acros 100 filmBannerman Castle 03 ~ Mamiya 7 with 43mm lens ~ 1 1/2 hours at f/11 ~ Fuji Acros 100 film

Join photographers Gabriel Biderman and Matt Hill as we lead you on a night photography tour of one of the oldest and most inspiring locations in all of NY – Bannerman Castle. This turn of the century castle rests upon the small, lonely island of Pollepel about an hour north of NYC in the middle of the Hudson River. Perhaps you’ve seen it on a train ride north or on a boat tour from Beacon; it has mystified generations of people and now you will have the opportunity to photograph it at night.

This will be a rare overnight excursion, so bring a tent if you think you will sleep, last time we shot until 9am! Thom Johnson co-founder of the trust and author of the book Bannerman Castle (NY) (Images of America) will be on the island for a historical tour before we set up our tripods and focus on creating some truly outstanding images under the full moon.

Gabriel and Matt will go over the basics of night photography and how to successfully meter, capture star trails, paint with light, and hone your “night vision”. The majestic Castle and Residence will be the main focus but there are many little details on the island that will be yours to capture, including the Twin Towers, rising from the water, that guard the south harbor. This will be a very hands-on, one-night workshop that is sure to add some amazing images to your portfolio.


We are making this unique opportunity available on two separate full moon nights in 2011:

Saturday August 13th from 4pm (sharp!) until 9am Sunday August 14th.

Monday September 12th from 4pm until 9am Tuesday September 13th.

Fee: $350 for one night.  Payable by check to the Bannerman Castle. Please contact me for this information.

Boat transportation to the island and from Cornwall on the Hudson are included in the price. We recommend that you bring your own food, snacks, and water. Tents and sleeping bags are recommended, if you want to sleep. No animals live on the island but there is plenty of poison ivy so please wear the appropriate shoes and clothing (shorts are not recommended). Portable toilets are located on one side of the island.

This extraordinary night adventure and is limited to 6 people each night.

Technical Requirements:
Film and/or Digital SLR Camera, Tripod, & Cable Release

Who should attend: You must be familiar with your camera, especially in Manual Mode. A full list of suggested gear will be sent to you upon payment.


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  1. Gabriel Biderman · August 12, 2011

    The August workshop is officially sold out, look for new images soon on this website! As of 8/12/11 there is two spots left for the September 12 workshop, just shoot me an email for availability or to be put on the waiting list.