Take your Lightpainting to the next level at the Woodlawn Cemetery Workshop

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Woodlawn_Reisinger ~ Fujifiilm XT1 with 10-24 lens ~ 15 minutes ! f/5.6 ~ ISO 200


Matt Hill and I got to visit Woodlawn the other night and prep for our workshop next week.  There are so many cool sculptures and structures to lightpaint there – that we didn’t want to leave!  One of the first rules of light painting is not to “paint” from the same angle as your camera – that creates the most uninteresting light that lacks shadows and depth.

The Reisinger memorial provides a very nice challenge of how to paint.  I took a flash with a 3/4 cut CTO gel and stood behind or to a 90 degree angle to each column.  This pop of warm light created the dramatic shadow from the center far column and wonderful side or rim light to the others.  I was surprised to also see so many stars could be seen – note the vivid start trails that popped here in the city.

There are still a few spots left for next week’s workshop and the moon will not be up while we are shooting so we will have the darkest skies, brightest stars, and a ton of fun things to paint!

Carpe Noctem!

Woodlawn Cemetery Night Photography Workshop

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Photo on left by Matt Hill and Right by Gabriel Biderman


Woodlawn Cemetery is a 400-acre outdoor museum with an unrivaled collection of monuments, over 1300 significant mausoleums, which were designed by legendary architects, landscape designers, and sculptors. You will be transported in time as you walk the grounds and take in Art Nouveau, Egyptian, Greek, and Romanesque Revival architecture styles.

Since it’s inception in 1863, Woodlawn has become one of New York City’s irreplaceable treasures and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2011.

Photo on left by Matt Hill - Right by Gabriel Biderman

And now you have an opportunity to capture this magnificent place at night. Matt Hill and I are offering a two-night workshop on November 14th-15th. There will be no moon while we are shooting, so this is a great workshop to hone your light painting skills. We will have access to go inside several grand mausoleums, illuminate beautiful stain glass, and get lots of hands on training from Matt and I.

You can choose to shoot just one night – or if you take both you will be able to get feedback on your work at the critique on Saturday.   We also feel that by shooting on consecutive nights you will become more proficient with your night photography skills as well as explore more of this amazing location.

Tuition, per night$150 

Date: Friday November 14th from 4pm-11pm and Saturday November 15th from 2pm – 11pm
Instructors: Gabriel Biderman and Matt Hill
Where: Woodlawn Cemetery, Jerome Avenue Entrance, Bronx, NY
Required Gear: (Film or Digital): camera, tripod, and cable release. A full gear guide will be sent to you upon registration.

The above photos were taken by Matt and Gabe from previous workshops at the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

The below images are examples from the Woodlawn Cemetery and taken by workshop coordinator Peter Nagy.

Woodlawn Cemetery Photo by Peter Nagy

Woodlawn Cemetery Photo by Peter Nagy