Timelapse over the Glass Igloos of Finland

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I’m very excited to be going back to one of the most spectacular places to view the Northern Lights – the Lapland region of Finland.  Nestled in the “Land of the Giants”, and well within the Arctic Circle, this is one of the most magical and consistent places to experience the Auroras.  Last year, on our PhotoQuest Adventure, we were able to photograph the Northern Lights every night!  This looks like it will be the last year that we are offering this workshop and we raised the stakes by adding a second night in the famous glass igloos of Finland, where you can watch the green fairies dance all night long.

Here is a short timelapse I made of outside and inside the glass igloos:

You can also check out my blog from last year’s Finland adventure to see some of my favorite photos and get a better feel of the overall experience!

But wait there’s more – PhotoQuest Adventures is not your typical workshop experience – it is a full-on photographic adventure!  You’ll lead a team of huskies on a two person sled ride, immerse yourself in a reindeer village and local Sami culture, explore the fjords of Norway and visit a small fishing village, go snowshoeing, sledding, and have a killer cocktail in the Ice Bar, that is you guessed it, is made of ice.

Need further enticement for this once in a lifetime experience?  Use the code COOLQUEST when you register before 2/25/16 and save $250 off the workshop and get the Arctic Gear Rental (Coat, pants, boots, gloves, and a nice fuzzy hat) valued at $350 for FREE as well!

Carpe Finland!