Vegas to Zion – Dusk until Dawn Workshop

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DowntownI will be publishing my 2014 workshop schedule soon – but one solid date that only has few spots left is Vegas to Zion from Dusk to Dawn from 4/13-4/18/14.  I teach this with Tim Cooper, who also co-authored our book – Night Photography:  From Snapshots to Great Shots.  This will be our third year teaching this weeklong workshop through the Rocky Mountain School of Photography.

It is one of my favorite workshops  – mainly because we go to a variety of really cool locations that are often difficult to get access to at night.

Just to give you a taste of how creative and fun this workshop can be…here are some shots that Tim and I have taken over the years.


Lensbaby is one of our sponsors and provides the entire Lensbaby family to try out  during the workshop.  This will really help you see and interpret the neon boulevards in a brand new way.

Speaking of Neon…we are the only workshop that offers night access to the Neon Boneyard.  This is a fantastic location to learn or finesse your light painting techniques as we breath new life into these historic signs of Vegas legends.

RH, Neon Graveyard

Ghost towns are most appropriately photographed at night, and we have access to two totally different spots!  The first one has an amazing collection old cars, Wild West buildings, a fallen airplane from an old movie set, and this triple decker bus just to name a few!

Figure 4.17

After we have mastered the bright lights, we head east to the cosmic canopy of Zion National Park.  There is a cool old ghost town where you can practice more light painting or 1+ hour exposures to get epic star trails.  Tim has been exploring Zion for many years and we have several choice spots to create spectacular nightscapes against the full moon and stars.


I will warn you, it is an intensive and full 5 days of lectures, critiques, shooting, and if you know Tim and I…plenty of laughs!  You can check out past students testimonials here.  Vegas to Zion is really a wonderful way to improve your night photography skills and have fun doing it!  You are guaranteed to leave with a unique portfolio of nocturnal images.


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Carpe Noctem!