St Johns Watertower, Portland ~ Photo of the Week

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Had a quick stopover in Portland last week to visit an old friend, Angus.  Plenty of bridges to document my ongoing Bridge Project, but it was this image of St Johns Watertower that won my photo of the week!
Ironically, this is the 2nd time that this watertower has won!  The last time it was captured via a pinhole camera.  This time I thought I would take “a shot in the dark!”

The wide tower is truly part of the neighborhood, it is approachable from all directions, and has no gate to keep people out.  All are welcome to take in this unique view of an urban park.  How often do you get to gather under a water tower?  Most are 10-20 stories high in the sky with security fences surrounding them.

The tower was built in 1953 by the Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel companies and holds over 150,000 gallons of water.  And it has a twin, St Johns is actually home to two of these unique watertowers.
So next time you are in Portland, get a different perspective from under the watertower!

2 thoughts on “St Johns Watertower, Portland ~ Photo of the Week

  1. Whooa gabe – very gregory crewdson… a really awesome way. these are awesome dude!

  2. Nice. Again, so lucky I was able to hang with you for copious shots. I’m looking forward to seeing your whole series of bridges. How come you didn’t post photos of all the strippers?

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