Photo of the Week (Feb 25-Mar 3)

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All aboard the Rio Grande! Night shoot in downtown Denver after attending an inspirational National Geographic Traveler Seminar.

3 thoughts on “Photo of the Week (Feb 25-Mar 3)

  1. Nice shot,

    The website looks great. I hope everything in NY is going well, as it seems.


  2. Once again, reason #4 for shooting digital… the end of reciprocity failure.

    All Aboard, the digital train departs at two minutes to midnight. Allllll aboard.


  3. so why wasn’t I with you for this – a national geographic fan and one who loves to travel the world with my students? nice work! The lines are sleek to give an awesome depth perception. also love the people standing on the platform as well as the light shinning on the train, rather like out of space. love mom

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