Lensbaby Baby

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ollie closed ollie open

Which baby do you like?

This is my little nephew, Ollie. I took these pictures on a recent trip to San Francisco. It was a week before his 1st Birthday and we had some serious guy bonding to catch up on. Lucky for me, Ollie likes cameras. He was very intrigued, as most people are, when I put the Lensbaby 3G on my Nikon D2Xs camera and moved in close. For those of you not familiar with what a Lensbaby is and does, it is pretty simple. A Lensbaby is a specialized lens that you can buy for any SLR camera, cameras that have interchangeable lenses, and it creates a sweet spot while defocusing the surrounding area. Lenbabies can add a very dreamlike quality to your images, and can be very addictive, as they open new doors of creativity…new ways of seeing. As a photographer, I can definitely appreciate that.

So my question to you readers is which picture do you like best:
Ollie eyes closed? As we try to figure out his thoughts and dreams…or
Ollie eyes open? The recognition of something/someone familiar…

6 thoughts on “Lensbaby Baby

  1. Firstly, what a cuite pie. My word. And I know cute. As far as choosing a picture, they both offer there own unique little glimpse into his personality. I love them both.

  2. 2 sparkling views of a sparkling presence

  3. Eyes open – shows what a dear little boy he is and so grown-up from when we first met him last June 24.

  4. Eyes open. the light is better and one gets a better sense of the little personality in there. Kay-yoot!

  5. That is a very cool effect.I like them both but I am biased.

    Beautiful picture Uncle G! – from Ollie

  6. Ollie Eyes Open. connected, surprised, engaged. he is super cute, G! any little NanGabe’s coming soon?????

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