Photo of the Week (Mar 4-10)

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charcoal oven 2
What a week! It started with 3 cities in 3 days and very little photo opportunities, except for the midnight hours. Luckily in Oklahoma, they love their burgers. Unfortunately, the Charcoal Oven was closed…but I had to stop and press the shutter.

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Week (Mar 4-10)

  1. so I put a message in from school but it would not let it go through. I know this is late but I love this photo as we are on the road food tasting still!!! Hope you loved Oklahoma as i was surprised by the country and did really love it… really nice shot sorry no burger!!

  2. It was worth the jet lag and the running – the photo is indeed worthy of POTW. (too bad though, no food review)

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