TIMEXPOSED Opening next Wednesday

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I’m very excited to announce TIMEXPOSED a selection of my photographs that focus on the fine art of the long exposure. This marks the one year anniversary that these images have been hanging in NYC, so let’s celebrate! I’ve added about 10 new pieces and the show is at the beautiful flagship John Allan’s store in Midtown Manhattan.

Last night I was amazed as I printed out last week’s Photo of the Week and the image quality was so much better than what I saw on the screen. It’s great that we can share images and ideas via blogs, FB, Flickr, etc but to me, nothing beats the image on the wall.
So in this every changing digital world, don’t forget to print. Make a permanent piece of your history to pass along.

3 thoughts on “TIMEXPOSED Opening next Wednesday

  1. Prints make it all worth it. Congrats and have a rockin time!

  2. Thanks Marly! I hope to see you there!

  3. Congrats! I hope I can go see it.

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