Night Photography Seminar at Photo Plus

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Will you be in New York next week for the largest Photo Trade Show in the US – Photo Plus?
If so – you should join me and 3 other incredibly diverse photographers for a 2 hour seminar on Thursday October 25th from 4-6pm.
Whether you are new to the night or want to improve your technique, you are bound to gain more inspiration and knowledge from this hand picked panel of night photographers that I am very honored to be a part of.

The seminar is called – Mastering the Night:  From Gaining Access to Choosing Gear to Perfecting Technique and More.

I’ll be breaking down what gear works best to successfully create an image in the many different night environments.  My day job at B&H lets me test a ton of toys and I’ll be bringing that knowledge to the table.  I’ll share with you the benefits and drawbacks to the latest crop of DSLRs and Evil cameras as well as the viability of film cameras that can create longer exposures than digital SLRs.  There are so much gear for photography, but I’ll shine a light on the key accessories that you’ll definitely want to have in your bag when the sun goes down.

Steve Duncan, urban historian and photographer, who documents the unseen infrastructure of metropolises all over the world will be sharing his images and adventures.  He will give us insight into gaining access from unthinkable locations as well as how to safely navigate through tunnels, towers, and aqueducts!  If you haven’t seen the 30 minute film on Steve called UNDERCITY by Andrew Wonder – watch it now.  Urban exploring is dangerous enough, but to film Steve as he leads us through abandoned subway stations, canals, and climbs to the top of bridges is simply mind blowing.


Linda Rutenberg, a professional fine art photographer, author of 5 books, and teacher for the last 30 years will bring us gently back to earth.  Linda’s Garden at Night series is ingenious.  By choosing the night time to capture some of the most famous gardens in the world  we are shown a very special time when “plants and flowers possess a kind of luminescent elegance, reflecting light from their surface”.  Her images are surreally sumptuous and she will be sharing her soft lighting tips as well as her story on seeing a project through from inspiration to completion.


And finally, moderator Jill Waterman, author of one of the best books on night photography – Night and Low Light Photography will showcase  recent work from the night photography community before opening up floor to discussion.  Jill is the senior editor of the ASMP Bulletin and Editor of PDNedu. Her global series on The New Year’s Eve Project depicts how humans all over the world have been celebrating.


I want to thank Jill for organizing this very unique class – Night Photography has been one of the fastest growing photographic genres over the last 5 years and part of the beauty is the unseen mystery of the night.

So come take the next step and be inspired to see better in the night!