Time Lapse Movie of the John Allan Opening

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My year long tour of the John Allan’s stores comes to an end today.  It was an amazing experience, many thanks to Andrea and Patty at John Allan’s for introducing me to JA and handling all the logistics.  Thanks as well go to Nancy, Angelia, Michael, David, Barbara, Lorna, Sandy, Sean and all the other people who helped me hang, hang, hang, and move the show to the 3 locations.  I couldn’t have done it without you all and I really appreciate your support and friendship!
I’ve discussed before that it is very important to print your work in this digital age.  The epitome of printing hopefully results in an exhibit.  To create and collect a body of work, to tell a story for all to see is truly an amazing experience.  The logistics of matting and framing and how the show is hung in each space is a continuation of the creative process.  In some locations I needed to cut images from the show and in the last space I added 11 new images.  Finding the best interpretation of the images in the given space was like looking for THE shot of a certain subject.

The whole experience focused my body of work even more, I hope to have a portfolio section updated on my website with a selection of the work that was featured as well as a book in the near future.

For those of you who were not able to attend last month’s opening we did set up a time lapse capture of the space.  I put it together as a movie that shows the comings and goings of all the people with a little surprise at the end!
(it’s high def, so you might want to let it preload before playing)




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homerWe’ve waited 20 years for this!
Ahhh, the Simpsons. Many a Sunday Nights have been spent making dinners with friends and family and watching America’s favorite family make fun of American families. Now 20 years later the Simpsons hit the big screen with their first motion picture. Do you have your ticket?
Well, I have mine!

A 2:45pm opening day ticket to the Simpsons Movie on 42nd street and a quick stop to the Kwik-E-Mart before the show is definitely in order.

Try turning yourself into a Simpsons character at www.simpsonizeme.com

Smell you later!

Pop Thoughts

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balthrop alabamaMusic: I have been waiting for some new inspiration in the music world; ie hitting the shuffle button on my ipod a lot. I did see a great 8 piece local band, Balthrop Alabama, last Sunday at Bait & Tackle. Their lyrics are full of humor, irony, and heart. Plus their Irish accordionist kicks ass. Their music reminded me a bit of a honky tonk They Might Be Giants meets Iron & Wine. Check out their website and download their new album for free.

Movies: Pan’s Labyrinth could be one of my most visually favorite films in the last few years. An amazing mix (labyrinth) of reality and fantasy that was so suspenseful it had Nancy clutching my arm from start to finish. Plus he really likes bugs.

Books: The Bird Man and the Lap Dancer: Close Encounters with Strangers by Eric Hansen. Don’t be fooled by the title, this is an amazingly spiritual book. Given to me by my pops, this collection of stories give new meaning to the word “journey” and shows by example how to truly travel with humankind

Photography: I have been a big fan of table top tripods that are not limited to the table and have loved my compact Ultrapod 2, however, the newly released Gorillapod series of tripods attaches to almost anything. Joby makes 3 different sizes of these cute, not cuddly, Gorillapods, I’ve used them all and I have to say that I finally found the perfect one for me! The Gorillapod SLR Zoom holds a whopping 6lbs of camera goodness almost anywhere you go. See the below picture of my Zero Image 6x12F pinhole camera attached to a tree in upstate New York. I highly recommend using a cable release or the self timer in your camera when it is attached to the Gorillapod as some immediate shake can happen from depressing the shutter. There is no doubt about it, tripods open up a creative door to photography. They help you increase depth of field, create long exposures, and immediately give you street cred. Find the right Gorilla for you and let the fun begin!

rhinecliff churchgorillapod shot