Happy Anniversary!

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wedding siteWe made it! One year ago on June 24th at 6pm I married the beautiful Nancy Bartlett under this arbor. Nancy and I revisited our wedding site Clermont about a month ago, and I took this Pinhole shot of a section of the arbor in which our vows were spoken. I know it is typical to say, “I can’t believe it’s been a year!” But I can’t, and when I think back to that amazing day and how it all came together with the sun finally breaking through and shining down upon all us all in the cutting garden at Clermont…it makes me glow.

A year later, Nancy and I are finishing up our honeymoon up in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. Honeymoon Part II is kinda the continuation of our original honeymoon which was a 7000 mile drive across the US of A visiting 14 Baseball Stadiums, family, friends, and lots of Road Food. Originally we wanted to end our honeymoon in Seattle, visiting our good friends Angus, Carrie, Jonny, and Maria along the way. Well, time got the most of us and we only got as far as San Francisco, but we vowed to ourselves that we would hit Portland (Angus and Carrie) and Seattle (Jonny, Maria, and the Safeco Field) in 2007. In the end it all worked out for the best, as the powers that be scheduled the Boston Red Sox (our favorite team) to play Seattle on June 25th 2007, the day after our 1 year anniversary. A plane ticket purchase and Jonny biking down to Safeco Field to secure the tickets to game guaranteed our anniversary would be a success!
So here we are in the Northwest, still in love and still watching baseball!
Go Sox!

4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. nice memories of that wonderful day a year ago and your continued love of baseball that is the redsox. sorry it was a loss but that seattle crowd was as wild as boston. I hope to see many more memories as you travel on your trip through life. lots of love

  2. We spent the weekend thinking about nangabe and remembering what we were doing at each moment “a year ago.” Looking forward to reading and hearing about Honeymoon Part II.
    Love to our lovely couple.

  3. Hi Gabriel,

    Congratulations to you and Nancy. Your honeymoon story is quite an inspiration and I love this shot…I love the softness of the Pinhole and beautiful greens with all of the lines and angles…of course the best thing about the shot is the meaning behind the picture…thanks for all you share here….Craig

  4. yes! what a beautiful day it was! i am so happy for you two lovelies…happy anniversary!

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