New updates to the Ruinism website

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My awesome web designer, Sean Thompson and I have recently revamped the entire Portfolio section of this website.  Check it out and I would love to hear any feedback.

The first section is titled Ruinism. This is an ongoing project of mine that started with my love for mythology and visiting ancient ruins. Over the years I’ve incorporated modern ruins as I try to capture the timelessness and spirit of the place. Ghosts and nudes will sometimes be seen in these spaces and add a sense of beauty to the decay.

All images are part of a bigger storyboard that is often unknown.
The theme Exposures is based on capturing a mysterious moment in that bigger story. These images will often make you ask, “What is it?” “What just happened?” or “What will happen?”

Two new themes have also been added, Time Exposed and The Bridge Project.
Time Exposed is a collection of my photographs that focuses on the passing of time around a single exposure. Taken mainly at night or with a pinhole camera during the day, I seek to focus on the capture of time itself and the unseen moments that happen between the seconds, minutes and hours of time exposed.

The Bridge Project is my most recent ongoing theme. Bridges are modern marvels.
These solid structures often will lead you over a dangerous chasm of water or rocks. I try to heighten that dichotomy of order and chaos in each image. Some bridges are famous but most others are simply utilitarian, however each has a story to tell.

The image above is titled the Cylon bridge.  It is the Roosevelt Lake Bridge or sometimes referred to the Roosevelt Dam Bridge because it replaced traffic that was driving over the Roosevelt Dam in 1990.  This image has quickly become one of my favorite images and is a nice long exposure of 10 minutes shooting due north.  Click on the image to enlarge it as well as see the other exposure details.  Nancy and I stumbled across this bridge while we were driving on the Historic Route 88 in Arizona.  We had just visited the Hoover Dam a week before and when I saw there was another Dam along this road, well we realized we had committed to a Dam Tour.

I later found out that the The Roosevelt Dam Bridge spans 1,080 feet across Roosevelt Lake and is the longest two-lane, single span, steel arch bridge in North America.  The original dam-top roadway was designed to allow two Model-T Fords to pass abreast, but today’s recreational vehicles and full-size automobiles are too wide to permit two-way traffic.
This info and more can be found here.
I’ve also included an image of the Roosevelt Dam so we can see the entire picture.  I consider myself a manscape photographer,  I like to incorporate man made structures with the landscape.

What else did you think I meant?